4 things to stream this weekend: True Crime

11 August 2017

What to stream: true crime

If you devoured Making a Murderer in a single weekend, have an extensive collection of Patricia Cornwall paperbacks, or like your reality TV as real as it gets, streaming services are providing plenty of programming for your true crime fix.

We're assuming you're well aware of Netflix's aforementioned Making a Murderer, but if you're looking for documentaries in a similar vein - and maybe some surprises - read on. Here's just a taste of the true crime selections on offer from Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now and SBS On Demand.

The Keepers

If you like your true crime in-depth and bingeable, Netflix's The Keepers will keep you glued to the screen. The seven-part series investigates the cold case of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a Catholic nun and high school teacher who was murdered in 1969. Featuring interviews with former students, journalists, and authorities involved with the case, the critically-acclaimed series deals extensively with the child sexual abuse cover-up that may have led to Cesnik's murder, so viewer discretion is advised. 

Available on: Netflix


Not for the easily creeped out, Cropsey's premise is simple but terrifying: what if the boogeyman was real? More than twenty years after five children disappeared on Staten Island, two filmmakers return to investigate how the urban legend of a murderous child-snatcher came to life. Despite the eventual arrest and conviction of Andre Rand for one of the killings, unsettling questions remain. Don't watch this one alone. 

Available on: Netflix 

The Imposter

Starting out as a straightforward, albeit heartbreaking, missing child case, The Imposter takes a stranger-than-fiction turn when the stricken parents are reunited with their son three years later. Not only has the newly-returned Nicolas Barclay swapped his Texan accent for French, his blue eyes are now brown - and it gets weirder from here. If you're looking for a shocking real-life mystery without the blood and guts, give The Imposter a try. 

Available on: Stan

How to Make Money Selling Drugs

Featuring appearances by Eminem, 50 Cent, and Susan Sarandon (!), How to Make Money Selling Drugs is your simple, ten-step guide to rising from low-level street hustling to Pablo Escabar-esque infamy. It's a blackly comic look at the drug business from all sides, managing to appear both serious and satirical in interviews with users, dealers, law enforcement and activists. 

Available on: Stan, SBS On Demand

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