5 things to stream this weekend: B-grade horror

21 July 2017

Half wolf, half cop

If your intellectual capacity has been drained by long week of work, woeful world news, and unsolicited Games of Thrones opinions, it’s time to tune in and zone out. So if you’re looking for recommendations for the best dumb-but-fun picks streaming TV has to offer, you’re in the right place.

With an editorial staff heavily comprised of B-movie and horror aficionados, we at WhistleOut aren’t just experts on mobile and broadband: we’re also great at recommending cult flicks you may have overlooked. Read on for our current favourite stupid-but-scary horror comedy choices from Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now and SBS On Demand.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil subverts the ‘murderous hillbillies’ trope immortalised by infamous slashers such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the The Hills Have Eyes, when two innocent and well-meaning rednecks are mistaken for crazed killers by a group of sexy co-eds on a Cabin In The Woods-style vacation. The result? Cliches (and bodies) get torn up in a series of freak accidents and wacky misunderstandings.

Available on: Netflix

Army of Darkness

If not for Sam Raimi’s iconic Evil Dead series, most of the other flicks on our list wouldn’t exist. Army of Darkness is the third film in the trilogy; bypassing the all-out violence of the original for ramped-up comedy and unforgettable one-liners, this cult classic sees demon-killing antihero Ash stranded in Medieval England, low on gas and surrounded by Deadites.

Available on: Foxtel Now, Stan 


What happens when an alcoholic small town sheriff wakes up with the hairiest hangover imaginable? WolfCop ditches the big budget for Howling-esque practical effects and prosthetics, offering a weirdly entertaining narrative involving werewolves, conspiracies, and people who get drunk and shoot things. Half wolf, half cop, all fun.

Available on: SBS On Demand


Disclaimer: if you’re especially squeamish – or your music taste is more One Direction than death metal – Deathgasm may not be for you. Paying homage to classics such as Brain Dead and the aforementioned Evil Dead, this New Zealand horror-comedy sees a bunch of teenage outcasts accidentally conjure a very real, very angry demon, via the power of heavy metal. Carnage, laughs, and a hard-rocking soundtrack ensue.

Available on: Stan

Trash TV Honourable Mention: True Blood

True Blood is seven seasons of sex, violence, ridiculous storylines and all-out camp. And while the show as a whole kind of jumped the (vampire) shark around Season 4, it’s still a gory good time (and the late Nelsan Ellis kills it as fan fave Lafayette).

Available on: Foxtel Now

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