Netflix Now Streaming to Over 1-million Australians Viewers

23 June 2015

Netflix is off to a flying start in Australia with new subscription figures showing that the video on-demand service now reaches over 1-million Aussie eyeballs.

Roy Morgan Research reveals that the US TV giant is now in 408,000 households reaching 1,039,000 active users. More remarkable, is that these subscription numbers represent a 30% increase from the same stats collected by Roy Morgan a month ago.

Competing services Stan and Presto have not fared as well in the first half-year, with both services still falling short of 100,000 subscribers each. Netflix may have 10-times more subscribers, but Roy Morgan’s Tim Martin says there is a lot of overlap in these figures.

“Up to half of all subscribers to Stan, Quickflix or Presto are also subscribed to Netflix—perhaps bingeing for a month on free content across the options, preparing to make a decision about which, if any, earns their continuing monthly spend,” says Martin, General Manager of the Media category at Roy Morgan research.

“But it also might not be an either-or proposition. As each has different content available, many Australian TV lovers may choose to subscribe to multiple SVOD providers.”

This is an idea we flagged a few months ago when we argued at that TV and movie lovers needn’t choose between the services, given that the cost of subscribing to all three streaming services roughly equals the price you’d pay for a single Foxtel service with only he cheapest channel pack option.

Broadband boom

What these figures also suggest is that hundreds of thousands of Aussie households are also coming to terms with a huge increase in internet activity, and that the dent Netflix can make on your plan might chew into the data you'd need for everyday web browsing or watching videos on YouTube.

Our experiments suggest that a family watching Netflix 50-hours per month (less than 2-hours a day) will need a broadband plan with 100GB or month per month for all current internet use plus the in flux of Netflix data. To be safe, or to enjoy a better quality Netflix stream, you should consider a plan with 200GB or more.

Read: Is your broadband plan ready for Netflix for a more detailed breakdown.

Alternatively, you could consider switching to an Optus Broadband Bundle. This would give you a 6-month free Netflix subscription plus you get a Fetch TV box which makes it much easier to watch Netflix on your big-screen TV.

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