Amaysim opens preregistration for new NBN plans

31 January 2017

Remember when Amaysim landed in Australia and shook up the mobile industry? Hyperbole aside, the impact of having a well known low-cost competitor to the big 4 telcos has changed the way we buy phones and how much we expect to pay for them.

Amaysim will soon launch new NBN plans on its website, and if it plays its cards right, we could reap the benefits of cheaper, faster NBN — and watch the industry shift in the right direction.

Amaysim has set up a preregistration page on its website in case you want to be first to know about what they have planned.

Battle ready

It is a good time for Amaysim to get on board the NBN train, but it does so with a lot more competition to contend with than it did when it launched as a mobile service provider. A quick scan of the Retail Service Provider list on the NBN site gives you a clear idea of just how many companies are already selling NBN.

Also, expect more high profile companies to join in soon. Vodafone has already expressed its intention to sell NBN, and it seems likely that Foxtel Broadband will follow suit at some time in the near future.

To get ahead of the curve, Amaysim needs to be affordable and fast. It’s mobile plans have never sacrificed on speed or performance in favour of price, and Amaysim NBN plans will need to follow the same formula.

It will need to move fast to secure this space, with competitors like My Republic already offering the fastest NBN100 speeds with unlimited data for a single, flat monthly fee.

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