MyNetFone keeps renters in mind with new short-term plan

21 September 2015

Common 24 month broadband plans and rental houses don’t always mix. You might love your internet plan, but when you move again, it can cost you to bring your broadband along.

MyNetFone today launch a new plan to ease this pain. The aptly named Renters Internet Plan is a short-term option, with no line rental, which should align with most short lease contracts. Even if you’ve only signed a 6 month lease with your real estate agent, the Renters Plan will be ready to move with you again at the end of this period.

Basically, the Renters Plan is a Naked DSL option with a 6 month contract, costing $49.95 per month. It comes with a massive 500GB per month, shaped when you reach the data cap. My NetFone also includes a free TP-Link WiFi modem, though you will have to cover a $99 installation fee and $16.95 for shipping of the modem.

To make things even easier, MyNetFone is waiving all relocation fees when you choose this plan. These can be pretty expensive fees — usually between $50 and $100 depending on your provider — so it is one less thing to worry about. You get one free relocation every six months, which should be enough to cover almost all renters.

It’s worth pointing out that short-term contracts are no a new concept in fixed-line broadband plans. Almost all providers, including MyNetFone, offer no-contract monthly plans. But there a few things that set this plan apart from the pack. That MyNetFone covers the cost of your phone line means that this plan is cheaper than many similar options.

Ans, the 500GB data limit is far more generous than the only plans hovering around the $50 per month mark. All in all, this is great broadband option for anyone who can’t commit to a two year plan.

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