Stan ups prices for new customers following Netflix's lead

30 June 2017

Just days after Netflix increased subscription fees locally, Australian streaming service Stan has followed suit. Stan still starts at $10 per month, but new customers will be limited to standard definition video quality and will only be able to watch on one device at once. If you want high definition video, you're now looking at $12 per month.

In effect, Stan has made its standard package $2 more expensive and introduced a new lower tier at the $10 mark.

Pricing for Stan's Premium plan has stayed firm at $15 per month. The $15 per month option gives you access to 4K quality where available, and lets you stream on up to four devices simultaneously.

If you're an existing Stan subscriber on the $10 per month tier, you'll still get high definition content and three simultaneous streams for the time being.

While Netflix's price hike can partially be attributed to government requirements around digital GST, as an Australian company, Stan was already paying GST.

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