No Netflix, but Telstra Bundling Both Presto and Stan

02 June 2015

Here’s one for the movie buffs. Telstra is bundling both Presto and Stan subscriptions for customers signing up to a new Broadband Bundle in June.

Including both Presto and Stan is an interesting approach for Telstra to take — like a restaurant offering hamburgers from both McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks. Both services operate in the same way — delivering movies and TV over an internet connection — but have unique content libraries. Having access to both at the same time isn’t doubling up, it’s doubling your chances of finding something good to watch.

But if we were to guess at the real reason behind Telstra inking partnerships with both Presto (which it part-owns) and Stan it would be because Optus gives broadband customers 6-months access to Netflix. In fact, Telstra’s offer shows exactly how Australians feel about their streaming media options; that it takes both Stan and Presto together to combat the lure of Netflix.

This is just perception though, and not based on the actual size of the services, or the shows included. According to Steaming TV search engine JustWatch, Netflix in Australia boasts the largest library, with 1242 titles, while Stan has 1157. Presto is close in third with 1133 TV and movie titles. Of course, these libraries change in size all the time, with new shows coming and old ones leaving the service.

New customers have it even better, with a $20 per month discount available for anyone who isn’t currently a Telstra broadband subscriber.

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