Telstra tops up broadband data by mystery amount

27 March 2015

Telstra this week revealed that it will be adding data to all fixed-line broadband accounts, but didn’t say how much data would be added or when.

On its Exchange Blog, Telstra’s Stuart Bird said that the ‘top ups’ applied to all fixed-line broadband customers and were a way to say ’thank-you for being a Telstra customer’. He revealed that the top-ups would be be a permanent increase for as long as customers remained subscribed to their plans, but warned that the process could take ‘several months’ before all customers saw the change reflected on their accounts.

Confused customers responded with questions in the comment section of the blog post, asking for clearer specifics. Telstra reps responded saying that the data top up amounts ‘will vary according to the plan you are currently on’.

The good news is that is you are a Telstra fixed line broadband customer, you don’t have to do anything to receive the top up data. There is no phone number to call or web form to fill in — the top up will occur automatically over the next few months and you’ll receive an SMS to inform you when the top up has hit your account.

No Netflix, though

Telstra's timing for this recognition of its customers ongoing loyalty comes at an important crossroads for Australia's ISPs. The introduction of not one, but three, streaming TV services in quick succession is likely to have many excited TV lovers looking at their broadband quotas and wondering whether they have enough data to binge-watch every episode of House of Cards.

Telstra's major competitor Optus recently announced it would make Netflix content 'unmetered', meaning that downloads from Netflix will not count against the accounts of Optus broadband customers. iiNet announced a similar partnership with the US streaming service.

Telstra will make a similar offer to customers who subscribe to Netflix-competitior Presto! (which is part owned by Telstra) but it would seem by offering this extra data now that Telstra is somewhat concerned that the brand cache of Netflix might be enough to have many current Bigpond customers rethinking which ISP delivers their data.

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