Vodafone NBN plans also include mobile data

22 August 2017

Vodafone today released plan and pricing details for its upcoming NBN service, with a mix of contract and no contract options, and bonus mobile data if you have a postpaid mobile plan on the same bill.

All Vodafone NBN plans include unlimited data, simplifying the purchasing decision to choosing an NBN speed and whether or not to sign a two-year contract. The Vodafone plans have no setup costs attached, but no-contract customers will pay $150 for an NBN-ready modem.

On top of the NBN service, Vodafone customers will also get bonus mobile data if they also have a postpaid mobile service on the same account. Customers choosing an NBN 12 or NBN 25 plan get a bonus 2GB per month, while customers on NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans get 3GB.

The bonus mobile data is added to the data pool for the account, so that all members of your family can share the data.

As we revealed earlier, all Vodafone NBN customers get the new 4G WifI Hub with a 4G backup service for use before an NBN service is activated, and for times when the NBN isn’t working as it should.

There is no word yet when Vodafone NBN will be available, but a Vodafone spokesperson confirmed that it was ‘on schedule’, suggesting a launch before the end of September.

How do Vodafone NBN plans stack up?

On a straight up data for dollar comparison, the Vodafone plans compare well next to Telstra and Optus offers, matching Optus on NBN 25 plans, and offering more data than Telstra.

But side-by-side with a number of the low-cost providers, like TPG and Amaysim, the Vodafone pricing is a bit higher; about $10 more per month at each speed tier.

Considering the extras in the Vodafone plans — the 4G backup service and the bonus mobile data — the extra $10 will be well spent by some, especially existing Vodafone mobile customers.

We also hope that the price premium is put back into the Vodafone service and protects its customers from the dreaded peak-hour slowdown. If Vodafone commits to pay more per customer, it could be one of the few providers to offer a consistently fast NBN connection.

If not, at least Vodafone will be offering contract NBN customers an easy way out with its 30 day Network Satisfaction Guarantee.

You can check out all current NBN plans right here.

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