Ultimate guide to Android

17 July 2014

Google’s Android is an amazing operating system, offering flexibility to confident users and a veritable playground for app designers. But if there’s one common complaint about Android, it is that it can be difficult to pick up and learn when you are a new users.

Tp help you bridge this gap, we’ve collected all of our best Android guides and tips into one place and ordered them to help you start at the beginning and work your way up.

Your first day with Android

Google Android for beginners

Do you need more power to get your smartphone through the day? Try these simple tips for helping your battery last longer.

Transferring phone contacts from iPhone to Android

Switching devices doesn't mean you have to lose your contacts, even if it's between two different operating systems.

How to set wallpapers in Android

Adding a custom wallpaper or lock screen is easy. Jump in to your gallery and select any image.

How to add and resize widgets in Android

Widgets can be awesome. Most display live-updated information; provide functionality without the need to open an app

How to change your Android keyboard

Don't think you are stuck with the keyboard installed on your phone when you bought it. There are dozens of other keyboard options for you to play with.

How to set up an Android phone for your parents

If you're parents are keen to get into a new smartphone, here are some tips to make it as easy for them to use it everyday as possible.

Great Android battery saving tips

Do you need more power to get your smartphone through the day? Try these simple tips for helping your battery last longer.

More advanced concepts

Once you have a handle on the basics, you should read through the following guides to getting a better understanding of how your new phone works, and what it is capable of.

How to change default apps in Android

Stuck using a sub-par 'default' application? We'll show you how to clear your defaults and start again.

How to stream with AirPlay on Android

If you own the seemingly incompatible combination of an Android phone and Apple TV, never fear. We'll get you connected.

3 tricks to speed up internet on your Android

You can't turn a 3G phone in to a 4G one, but you can make things move a little more efficiently.

How to set individual ringtones for contacts

Setting a custom ringtone makes it easier to identify important calls without seeing your phone. We'll show you how to do, regardless of which phone platform you are using.

How to make your phone charge faster

We look at some quick hacks you can use for faster charging when time is of the essence.

How to turn on WiFi hotspot internet sharing

Turning your phone in to a WiFi hotspot can be incredibly useful. Pushing wireless to a tablet from a phone is much cheaper than forking out for a second data plan.

A few apps you should get to know

With over a million apps available for Android, it can be hard to know which to download and which to avoid. Here is a small collection of some of our favourites, with a guide to showing you how to use them.

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is a note-taking app. It's best for users who want a short-term system with a nice layout, but who don't want the in-depth organisation of something like Evernote.

What is Google Hangouts for Android?

Hangouts lets you send SMS, MMS, instant messages and directions. It allows you to do a range of communicating all from the same app and can even replace your default SMS app on your Android

What is Flipboard?

Flipboard personalises the way you view content. It also lets you create your own personal magazines and even business catalogues.

What is Google Now?

Google Now is a personal assistant with the power of Google Search. Unlike Siri, Google Now tries to predict what info will be useful to you, before you even ask for it.

Apps to tap into YouTube music

Want to listen to Youtube music on your phone? You've come to the right place.

Get smarter with a built-in dictionary for Android

Been scratching your head and hunting about for a dictionary? WordLookup for Android will save you a bunch of time, and improve your vocabulary at the same time.

How to set Home and Work in Google Maps for Android

Setting Home and Work locations makes it much easier to get around. You can also scout local bars, restaurants and coffee houses using the exploration icons.

Use Google Search Bar to do (nearly) everything on your phone

Stop using your phone like you've never seen one before. We'll show you how to navigate Android like a pro.

How to keep Android SMS safe and synced

Backing up most of what you keep on an Android phone is pretty simple, except for SMS messages. We take a look at a couple of our favourite options for doing just this.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a comment in the box below. If you'd like to us to cover a topic that isn't here already, let us know!

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