6 things you didn't know about the iPhone X

15 September 2017

iPhone X

At this point, we'd be seriously impressed if you somehow managed to avoid the news about Apple's new iPhones. You've probably heard that there's an iPhone X, you've probably heard it's expensive, and you've probably heard there's no more home button, but here are six things you might have missed.

You can only register one face

Facial recognition is one of the iPhone X's bignew features. Replacing Touch ID and the longstanding Home Button, "Face ID" is the new go to method for unlocking your phone, authorising Apple Pay transactions, and other approving secure functionality. 

While you were able to register multiple fingerprints on previous iPhones, you'll only be able to register one face per phone. This kind of makes sense given that we have eight fingers and two thumbs but only one face, hey.

You can still use a pin to unlock your phone

You are still however able to set a PIN to unlock your iPhone. As with current iPhones, a six digit passcode will be the fall back if your phone isn't able to recognise you. Squeezing the buttons on both sides of your iPhone X will temporarily disable Face ID, which will force anyone trying to open your phone to put in a passcode.

Face ID works with sunglasses

On top of working with hats, beards, and spectacles, Apple says Face ID will still be able to recognise you when you're wearing sunglasses. It won't recognise every pair, but the company says that most sunglasses let through enough infrared light that the iPhone X can see your eyes even if other people can’t.

Fast-charging will only work with specific chargers

iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus are the first iPhone models to support fast-charging, and you'll be able to top up your device by as much as 50% in just half an hour. However, the charger you get in the box won't support fast-charging. 

If you want speedier juicing, you'll need to pay for one of Apple's USB Type-C power adapters. A 29W model is the cheapest official option available, and it starts at $69. You'll also need a Lightning to USB Type-C cable, which start at $35 for one metre. That's an extra $104 for a faster recharge.

If you've got a USB Type-C MacBook or MacBook Pro, the include charger will work. You'll just need a Lightning to USB Type-C cable.

There's support for more satellite systems

In addition to supporting GPS and GLONASS, iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus will also support the Galileo and QZSS satellite systems. Galileo is primarily used over Europe, while QZSS covers Asia Pacific (including Australia). Wherever you are, it will be even harder to get lost with your new iPhone.

iOS 11 will eat as much as 11GB of your new phone's storage

Apple says iOS 11 will take up between 8GB and 11GB on your shiny new iPhone X. If you're opting for the 64GB model, that's about a sixth of your storage. Around 4GB can be cleared up by uninstalling Apple's preloaded apps, but space intensive users might want to consider the ever-pricier 256GB model if 50GB free out of the box doesn't sound like enough.

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